Event Planning in 3 Simple Steps

Event Management System: Not exactly the world’s sexiest software to be sure!

Yet, without a complete end-to-end event management system, event planners and companies end up pulling their hair and gritting their teeth in an effort to run events manually while bearing significant costs.

Evenesis is a multiple award-winning product that takes the pain out of the game. 

The History

Evenesis was developed and produced by a group of web developers and technopreneurs in Malaysia. The company, Y Us Sdn Bhd, was founded and awarded the MSC status in 2010. 
“We realize the events industry in Malaysia is still not on par with those in developed nations. Companies are not fully utilizing technologies especially the Internet, cloud computing and mobile applications in running their events,” explains Yusno Yunos, current CEO. 
“Our team has answered the call of this challenge and developed Evenesis as the first step to help planners — both individuals and companies — to manage events efficiently, by fully utilizing available resources and increasing the value of the event.”
Evenesis offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to its users and is the first cloud-based software of its kind that caters to the needs of event planners, conference organizers, exhibition organizers, corporations and small and medium enterprises.

Celebrated Software

Evenesis was a Finalist of the NEF-AWANI ICT Awards 2011 under the Best Software category and the company behind Evenesis — Y Us Sdn Bhd — was the finalist under the Best Startup Category. 
As for wins, Evenesis certainly has plenty of those! 
It is the winner of Malaysia INTEL APEC Start-Up Challenge 2011 and it also won the coveted MSC Malaysia APICTA 2011 Awards under the Best Applications and Infrastructure Tools. 
Evenesis won the APICTA again this year under the Tourism and Hospitality category. 
The company is on its way to compete against other prestigious ICT companies in the esteemed international APICTA awards at the end of November in Hong Kong. 

3 Simple Steps

With Evenesis, all an event planner or organizer needs is a device (PC, Laptop, Netbook, smart phones), which is connected to the Internet. The next thing to do is to sign up and log on to Evenesis at http://www.evenesis.com. From there, the process is simplified into 3 easy-to-follow steps: 
1. Pre-Event 
2. On-the-day of the Event 
3. Post-Event.

Powerful Features

The following are features that are available in Evenesis:

  • Event Planning & Management (Scheduler/Planner, Event Checklist, Venues & Meals Management)

  • Guest/Contact Management (Guest/Contact Grouping, Contact Importer from various sources, Guest Management, Custom Integration to Existing CRM)

  • Invitations/RSVP (Invitations Templates, Invitations by SMS & Email, Templated Letter Generation, Invitations Tracker)

  • Floor Plan & Seating Arrangement (Custom and Templated Floor Plan Design, Seat/Arrange Guests to the objects on the floor plan)

  • Check In/On-the-day Registration (Mobile application ready for iPhone & Android devices, Check-in/Register guests, Actual Guests Tracker vs. Confirmed Attendance)

  • Surveys (Create custom pre and post surveys, send out via email and receive completed surveys instantly, Real-time results in charts etc.)

  • Venue Booking (Search for venues, find out venue availability based on real time schedule, and make online bookings/reservations)

  • Enterprise Dashboard (One-stop center for management to gauge overall events’ performance in real time, available in charts and visually attractive interfaces)

On the Cloud

Evenesis is offered as a service on the cloud. The pay-per-event model allows users to utilize the services according to their events’ requirements. 
In addition, through this model, companies and organizations can enjoy fuss-free services without the need to purchase or maintain servers and software licenses, backups, license renewal and upgrades.

You can find out more about Evenesis at www.evenesis.com